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Restaurant  Kormoran, Bilje - Hrvatska

The best place to begin a tourist visit to Vina Belje is the vineyard. The site of the Lookout at Banovo Brdo hill is surrounded by millions of grapevines and it is a perfect place to rest and enjoy the view of lush vineyards and the Croatian Danube region. The easiest way to get to the ... Read more

Podunavlje bb, Park prirode Kopački rit
31327 Bilje

Wine district: Baranja

Restaurant  Đerdan, Gradiška - Bosna i Hercegovina

"Where there are good food and wine, there is love as well" - this is the slogan of the popular restaurant Đerdan in which there's for sure all of mentioned. Family Šurlan has been into culinary art for years, making others at the dining table happy and creating gastronomic gold coins. Gradually, these gold c... Read more

Trg Jevrejskih stradanja bb
78400 Gradiška
Bosna i Hercegovina

Wine district:

Restaurant  Arabela, Globočec Ludbreški - Hrvatska

One of the leading restaurants in the Ludbreg area, known for its tradition and quality.

The restaurant was founded in 1989. Saša Kišić inherited it and successfully runs the family restaurant since 2004, and he also produces wine. He planted a vineyard near the restaurant in 2006.

Arab... Read more

Ludbreška 62
42230 Globočec Ludbreški

Wine district: Ludbreg

Tavern  Zlinje, Blato - Hrvatska

A family owned restaurant that specialises in traditional Dalmatian dishes.

About 100 years ago, our restaurant was a wine cellar. That is why it is called "Konoba". Come and experience the charm of ages gone by. Taste some of the traditional Dalmatian dishes that we always make from freshest ingredients sou... Read more

85. ulica broj 8
20271 Blato

Wine district: Korčula

Tavern  Zaratak, Brna - Smokvica - Korčula - Hrvatska

An incredibly friendly staff that elicits a smile on one's lips, and an ambience that you will not find anywhere else is what adorned a tavern Zaratak... Especially if you choose to seat on any of the terraces - the one with a view of the entire bay Brna, the one under the shade of old olive trees or the one next to... Read more

Brna 553
20272 Brna - Smokvica - Korčula

Wine district: Korčula

Caffe bar  Brasserie on 7, Split - Hrvatska

Today’s famous Splitska Riva was once known as the French Riva during Napoleon’s occupancy and held its name long after his departure. Our Executive Chef utilises principles of French gastronomy to highlight Croatian Cuisine and presents it on a world class scale. With our spectacular harbour-setting tak... Read more

Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 7
21000 Split

Wine district: Split – Omiš – Makarska

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