Cooper's collection

Cooper's collection, Jastrebarsko - Hrvatska

Exhibition of Jastrebarsko’s famous cooper Milivoj Ivo Golub’s collection opened on May 25, 2012. The collection consists of numerous coopering tools, oak (barrique) wine barrels, buckets, round and oval casks, and other products. These are results of great effort invested into the preservation of these valuable traditional skills. The barrels are made of high-quality English and sessile oak dried in a natural way for many years. The quality of oak, together with craftsmanship, ensure stability and long life of the final product, as well as beneficial influence on wine or schnapps aging in the barrel. The workshop also makes barrique barrels that give sophisticated and elegant smoky color to wine, the flavor of caramel and honey and vanilla aroma.

Cooper's collection
Franje Tuđmana 16
10450 Jastrebarsko

Wine district: Plešivica – Okić



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