Erdödy Castle

Erdödy Castle, Jastrebarsko - Hrvatska

The Erdödy Castle is the oldest building in Jastrebarsko. The castle is located in a beautiful old park that is actually a monument of horticulture. The Castle’s original function was that of a water castle, a lowland fort surrounded by moats that are now filled and covered with grass, but still visible in the outlines of the landscape. According to records, the castle was built by Matija Gereb between 1483 and 1489. The Erdödy family came into possession of the Jastrebarsko land, which included the castle, in the first half of the 16th century and remained in possession until 1922.The castle building has a rectangle shape and it is located on a knoll surrounded by moats, as a lowland fort. The wings of the building have different heights, and the highest of them is closed by the two remaining towers.The internal courtyard contains arches and baroque columns. Stjepan Erdödy, who loved nature and hunting, founded a natural museum in the castle.Today, the castle is in very poor condition and the interior is not open to visitors. It is, however, to be completely renovated soon, until then, you can only visit the exterior while strolling on the beautiful grounds of the Erdödy Castle.

Erdödy Castle
Park Erdody
10450 Jastrebarsko

Wine district: Plešivica – Okić



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