Spomenik Pošipu

Spomenik Pošipu, Smokvica - Hrvatska

Pošip Smokvica is the first by law protected wine in Croatia. It is one of the best quality sorts. It is mentioned for the first time in the second part of the 19th century when a winegrower Tomašić "Barbaca" Marin of Marin "Caparin" during cleaning of forest in Stiniva canyon found the wild vine which interested him for its unusual taste and aroma. He cut the branches and planted them in his vineyard on "Punta Sutvara". Today the original vine can still be found here. The name Pošip comes from the long shaped grape and from the basic tool for clearing land which is called mašklin. The tool has a blunt part (pal) and pointed part (šip). Some grapes looked like the pointed part of the tool so that is where Pošip got its name from. The authenticity of this vine was certified by DNA analyses. It has been proven that Pošip is Korčula's autochthonous vine which emerged by cross breeding of two sorts that are also autochthonous for Korčula. Today Pošip is the „King“ of Smokvica vineyards. People of Smokvica erected a memorial in the place where Pošip was found to the person that found it and to all Smokvica peasants which cultivate the land with pride and hard work.

Spomenik Pošipu
20272 Smokvica

Wine district: Korčula


Contact person: TZ Smokvica Brna


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