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Brna b.b.

20272 Smokvica, Otok Korčula

+385 (0)20 832 255

Municipality Day: February 2nd - Holy day of Lady Kandalora

Smokvica, hidden in the foothills of Vela and Mala obala (Great and small coast), protected from the wind and open to the sun and the sea, is situated in the place where the island is widest and relief diversified. Smokvica is crossed by prehistorical gullies and antic roads. It is surrounded by beautiful nature, wine yards and olive grows. 

Stone houses, idyllic streets, rich cultural heritage, a hundred years old vineyards and olive groves, as well as the charm of this island village, takes you back to old times.

Smokvica invites you to enjoy the beautiful nature, visit cultural and historical sites, explore some of many walking and cycling paths and taste high-quality wine in some of the local wineries and restaurants together with gastro specialities.


Brna is situated at the southern part of Korčula island in a beautiful bay surrounded by greenery and the Sun. At the western side is Mali Zaglav peninsula, which separates Brna from Istruga bay, whilst on the south-east side, there are several pebble bays surrounded by pine forest and the blueness of the sea. The climate in Brna as well as on the whole island is Mediterranean with long and warm summers and short and mild winters. In summers the west wind or ‘Mistral’ is ideal for all those who love windsurfing.

Cristal clear see, beaches and hidden bays, naturism islets, beautiful sunsets, aromatic herbs, clean nature and air... all this is Brna, a place where you can find accommodation in a hotel or in a beautiful privately owned house. Brna offers a unique combination of beautiful nature and fun.

The hosts will offer you gastronomic specialities and local wine. Soon you will make friends and will want to return again...


The whole island and Smokvica especially can be commended as having a long tradition in wine growing and wine making since the ancient Greeks time. Numerous evidence can be found to support this. the continuous development of wine production has been happening on Korčula throughout the centuries and the result is a high-quality indigenous wine. Densely planted wine groves, sloped and terraced terrain resulted in most of the works in the vineyards being done by hand in a traditional way, as done by our grandfathers. Smokvica is an unavoidable destination on all the Croatian wine lists, ideal for all those who love the vine.

Smokvica is home to Pošip, one of the most famous Croatian white wines.


Spomenik Pošipu


20272 Smokvica


Pošip Smokvica is the first by law protected wine in Croatia. It is one of the best quality sorts. It is mentioned for the first time in the second pa... Read more

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