TZG Jastrebarsko

Vladka Mačeka 1

10450 Jastrebarsko

+385 1 6272940

City Day: 13.11.

Half way between Zagreb and Karlovac lies Jastrebarsko – a mix of urban and rural for everyone's soul.

Just step in and it will be clear that every moment spent here will be a special one. You will discover a landscape rich in contrast, gentle wine growing hills, wild and untouched nature and treasures of forest and water of Crna Mlaka.

tzgj golubArhiva TZGJ - Dvorac Erdody

More than 750 years of life in this region has left a rich trace of numerous churches, chapels, castles of the counts of Erdödy and Oršić, and part of this cultural heritage is preserved today in the well kept City Museum. Apart from the City Museum, you will also find a touch of the past in the ethnographic collection of St Jana region in the Mill House in St Jana, and another part of tradition at the Golub family and their barrel collection in Jastrebarsko. We offer you various recreational activities: paragliding from Japetić and Plešivica, motocross track in Mladina as well as bicycle, walking and hiking trails through wonderful nature.

We invite you to discover for yourself the rural and family farms on the Plešivička wine road. Hospitable hosts will fulfill your first impressions upon arrival and every return trip after will give you an opportunity to explore this docile land from which you never leave without a good bottle of wine.

Plešivička vinska cesta - (D. Kunić)

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