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G.E.T. Report, Zagreb - Hrvatska

Weingut und Destillerie  Rossi, Vižinada - HrvatskaThe area of west Istrian inland, the fertile 'white' soil of the sunny Vižinada slopes is a home of our family vineyards, continually growing and producing wine since 1885. Our experience, effort and love of winemaking start with nurtured vines and hand-picked grapes poured into a glass rich with flavours and aromas th... Mehr
Bajkini 16
52447 Vižinada

Weingegend: West Istra

Weingut und Villa  Dobravac, Rovinj - HrvatskaSchon beim Eintritt in die Stadt befindet sich Villa Dobravac, eine ruhige Oase, wo man eienen gemütlichen Urlaub mit einzigartigem Angebot der gemütlichen Unterkunft verbringen kann. Von dem nächsten Strand (Porton Biondi) und dem Stadtzentrum ist der Hof von Familie Dobravac nur zehn Geheminuten entfer... Mehr
Karmelo 1
52210 Rovinj

Weingegend: West Istra

Weingut  Movia, Dobrovo v Brdih - Slovenija

Movia is more than a mere wine brand and the name of an estate on the borderland between Slovenia (ZGP Brda) and Italy (DOC Collio). Movia is a way of life, life in all its glory, purity of nature and sincerity of the author. Movia is a label beyond time, a mark of standards surpassed as sought by so many wine conno... Mehr

Ceglo 18
5212 Dobrovo v Brdih

Weingegend: Goriška brda

Weingut  Korta Katarina, Orebić - Hrvatska

Welcome to Croatia, at the very south, on Pelješac peninsula.
Making wine is one of the oldest traditions at this area. Yet undiscovered, this area is proud to grow authentic grape variety, and find its way through representative, terroir wines.
From the many part of the world they visited American ... Mehr

Bana J. Jelačića 3
20260 Orebić

Weingegend: Pelješac

Weingut, Pension und Restaurant  Vuglec breg, Krapina - Hrvatska

Die touristische Siedlung "Vuglec Breg" befindet sich in der Region Zagorje, nahe der Stadt Krapina und nur 5 km von den heilenden Thermalbädern und dem Kurzentrum in Krapinske Toplice.
Aus der alten Siedlung „Vuglec“ ist heute die erneuerte touristische Siedlung "Vuglec Breg" entstanden, das... Mehr

Škarićevo 151
49224 Krapina

Weingegend: Krapina

Weingut  Iločki podrumi d.d., Ilok - Hrvatska

Ilok cellars are the oldest and the most awarded wine cellar in Croatia. Wine history had been made here over two thousand years ago. The wine cellars from the 15th and 18th century are still ideal for wine aging and nurturing of premium wines and the precious wine ... Mehr

Dr. Franje Tuđmana 72
32236 Ilok

Weingegend: Srijem

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